Stepper Motor Driver Nema 42 - 110-230VAC 2Phase


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The Nema 42 Stepper Driver is a new-generation digital 2-phase stepper motor driver based on DSP control. The driver combines advanced DSP control technique and unique control circuit. The driver voltage is AC110-230V and driver current is below 7.0A. The driver can be used for types of 2-phase stepper motor with external diameter 86-130mm. The driver adopts circuit similar to servo control, so the motor can run smoothly with little vibration and noise. And the maximum positioning accuracy could reach 40,000 steps/rev. The product is widely used in big and medium-sized CNC equipment with higher resolution, such as engraving machine, medium-sized CNC machine tool, computer-controlled embroidery machine, packing machine, etc


  • High performance, low price
  • The driver features 16-grade micro-stepping with equal angular degree and constant torque; the highest resolution may reach 40,000 steps/rev.
  • The highest response frequency can reach 500Kpps
  • When the step-by-step impulse has halted for over 100ms, the coil current will automatically reduce to half of the set value, to effectively reduce motor warming.
  • Photoelectric isolation signal input/output
  • Driver current from 1.0A / phase to 7.0A / phase, adjustable with 16 grades
  • Single power input, voltage range: AC 110V to 230V
  • Phase memory function (when the input has stopped unexpectedly or powered off, the driver will automatically memorize motor phase at that time.)
  • I/O signal, the driver uses photoelectric isolation technique and signal level is 5V ~ 24V, compatible
  • Function of pulse smooth technique makes the motor run stably at low speed. The level of smooth can be adjusted.
  • It features motor inductance adjustment function, giving full play to the adaptive motor.