Nema 34 12.5N.m Closed Loop Stepper Motor + HBS860H Driver


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HBS860H using the latest dedicated motor control DSP chip and closed loop vector control technology, completely overcome the open-loop stepper motor lost step problems, while significantly improved motor speed performance, reduce motor heating and reduce motor vibration, improve machining speed and accuracy, reduce machine energy consumption. When the motor is continuously overloaded, the drive will output an alarm signal in time, with the same reliability and AC servo system. HBS860H adaptation 57,86 series closed-loop stepper motor, convenient conventional stepper systems upgrade program, equivalent to only 50% of the cost of AC servo system.

  • Drive: HBS860H (cooling fan)
  • Voltage: AC20-75V, DC30-110V
  • Segments: up to 256 segments
  • Rated speed: 1000 rpm

Type: Hybrid

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