CNC Assembly Instructions diy-projects

CNC Assembly Instructions

  • Size of some parts:

Size of some parts

  • Frame 1

Base: 330mm×2, 360mm×3, Angle Support×6, M5*10×12, Spacer×12

  • Frame 2: 220mm×2, 360mm×2, Angle Suport×4, M5*10×8, 

  • Frame: Angle Support×6, M5*10×16, Spacer×12, Connecting pieces×2

  • Size of Polished Rod Supporting Base 1:

  • Size of Polished Rod Supporting Base 2:

  • Y-axis: M6*10×10, Sliding Block×5, Worktable×1

  • Stepper Motor

  • X-axis & Z-axis

  • Lead screws installation

  • Couplings Assembly:

Tighten two screws from one side only

  • Bearing Assembly:

1. Control board Assembly

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